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        Graduating seniors may face higher risk for job burnout (筋疲力尽,枯竭.than their parents' generation, say business and career experts.
        One of those grads,22-year-old Ruth Igielnik, kicked off her career just weeks after graduating from the University of Maryland.
        Igielnik should be familiar with stretching her boundaries. She admits classes were an "after thought" during the past year because she toiled from two to five hours every school night as student overseer of 300campus groups.
        But new grads in entry-level career jobs should resist early urges to sacrifice personal time in exchange for a faster climb to the top, warns career consultant Alexandra Levit, specializing in so-called millennials, the generation born from about 1980 to 1995. "You have to go out of your way to safeguard your time, but you have to go about it more subtly," she says. "It you sacrifice too much of your personal life at the start, you risk having a stressful, unbalanced life that's permanent. "
        in the next two to four years,retiring manager baby boomers will trigger a.wave of new openings for high-responsibility jobs。says Levit。A lot of those jobs will be filled by less-experienced workers-many’of them miUennials.“They're going to be given the responsibility they crave—because there’s No one else to take it.”Levit says.“Their sense of entitlement and their over—ambition are going to create a lot of stress for them.”
        A friend of Igieinik's,Merak Fine。is taking a few weeks off before joining the work:force as a legal assist{mt at a small law firm.Fine jokes that—after a heavy class schedule and all intense internship school has left her burned out before she’s even begun her career.So she worries that her career might steal time she should spend with friends and family.
        Compared the previous generations,many millennials are protesting again.st the idea that work is life.They’re intent on finding jobs that are meaningful both personally and to the community and the Environment.
        “The things that this generation is asking for--flexibility,balance,opportunities-are all things that
Previous generations wilted,”says Dan Black,top campus recruiter at Ernst&Young. “But they feel much more embolden,erned(使勇敢)to ask for these things.They know they’re going to be a bigger part of the work force.”
When at school during the past year。Eightieth
A.was keen on socializing
B.had to work every night
C.was the leader of Student Union
D.spent most of her time studying

Directions: In this section, you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations. At the end of each conversation, one or more questions will be asked about what was said. Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once. After each question there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices markedA.,B., C. and D., and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1 with a single line through the centre.

A.He got off the bus at the wrong stop.
B.He has a good reason to be angry.
C.He isn't careful with his belongings.
D.He doesn't have an extra umbrella.



A.Her car actually got no problem.
B.She was charged unfairly to have her car fixed.
C.She can get by with her car.
D.It is too expensive to have the car fixed.

Quesaons 56 to60 are based on thefollowingpassage.
When it comes to noise cancelling headphones,sometimes the best offense is a good defense.While there are plenty of active noise cancelling headphones that use a complex(and pricey)method to block distracting sounds,there are simpler ways.How about headphones with a snug fit that simply plug up your ear canals?
This process is called passive isolation.It’s not uncommon for a consumer faced with the choice between the descriptors“passive”and“active”to choose the stronger-sounding technology,but great passive isolation can be just as effective and cost a lot less.
The AKG K323 XS headphones($59 MSRP)are just such a pair.Sleek and portable,they produce a huge sound marked with prominent bass,supportive mids,and very healthy highs.They’re also the best passive isolators that we’ve tested in a long time.Like most in-ears,the XS headphones are quite small and simply designed,available in white,blue,orange.yellow,green—the list goes on.The Android version packs a one-button universal remote,and there’s also a three.button version for iOS.The XS’s teeny form factor,featherweight frame,and smalI carry case are additional on.the.go perks(特权享受).
The cable is simple,but of decent quality,It’s shorter than most cords—just 3.5 feet—which may or may not be desirable depending on how you use them.
Ears come in all different shapes.and so do the speaker covers.AKG includes four different options:extra small,small,medium,and large.
In the audio test labs.these AKGs proved to be a straight.A student.Thanks to moderate bass notes and very prominent middle and high notes,music sounds both full and balanced.From classical,to jazz,to hip hop,every genre benefits from this even-handed sound quality.Listeners will enjoy big,thumping bass that doesn’t obscure subtler insmunents like violin and piano.These tiny in.ears aced distortion tests,to—you won’t find one drop of unwanted or distorted sound.
The K323 XS really shines.even in a crowded market.It’s hard to pick which glowing attribute to praise first:The massive,well.balanced sound stage?The distortion.free listening experience?The$59 price tag?The monster isolation?The tiny,portable design?These AKGs are simply aces(),and online sale prices of around$40 kick everything up another notch(等级).
What can you learn from the first two paragraphs?
A.All active isolators are technically complex.
B.Consumers are more likely to choose active isolators.
C.Passive isolation isn’t as effective as the active one.
D.Consumers prefer those low-priced passive isolators.

5、 根据以下资料,回答题:
Questions 61 to 65 are based on thefollowingpassage.
Milleunials(千禧一代)have a reputation for being pretty savvy(聪慧的)with technology and social media——not to mention their finances----一but today’s young adults are clueless when it comes to knowledge of their credit.
A new study conducted by the Consumer Federation of America and VantageScore Solutions finds that 18-34 year-olds lag behind older Americans on credit knowledge.Not that older generations are whiz kids when it comes to credit——just over 40%of consumers surveyed even know what their credit score measures,for instance—but millennials have the dubious distinction(区别)of being even less-informed than other age groups.
Only around half of milleunials have ever even bothered to order a free copy of their credit report,as compared to about three.quarters of older people surveyed.
They’re more likely to think age plays a role in credit scoring,that the government keeps track of consumer credit data and that credit repair services can legitimately fix your credit(by and large,they Can’t).And while most of them know that a lot of credit card debt,declaring bankruptcy and missing payments can affect their credit,only 6%got everything fight when they picked from a list of factors that could potentially impact their score.
Young adults have a pretty poor grasp on how far-reaching this impact is:Only 1 8 percent knew that utility companies,cell phone carders,mortgage lenders and home insurers,landlords and credit card companies can all use a consumer’s credit when doing business with them.
They’re also unaware of the financial consequences of bad credit.just 1 5%knew that a bad credit score could cost more than$5,000 in higher interest payments over the life of a car loan.
One factor that seems to make a difference in how much credit knowledge people have is whether or not.mey’ve actually goRen their free credit report(if you’re one of the many who haven’t,you can do so at annualcreditreport.corn).Interestingly,
people who got their credit reports knew more than those who had just gotten their credit scores.
“Those who are interested in their credit reports are probably also interested in their credit scores.”CFA executive director Stephen Brobeck says in a statement.“It’s so easy to go online and get your free reports that this action likely motivates people to learn more about credit scores.”
What does the word“whiz kids”mean(Line 3.Para.2)?
A.Children who are very naughty.
B.Children who are a little dull.
C.Children who are extraordinarily smart.
D.Children who quite sensitive.

6、The northern Italian city of Milan banned all traffic from its streets for 10 hours on Sunday (26)reduce smog.
The measure which was first imposed on a trial basis in the'year 2007 is (27)__________whenever pollution exceeds the statutory limit for 12 (28)__________ days.
Satellite imagery shows Milan to be one of the most polluted cities in Europe. An estimated 120,000 (29) will be affected by the move, according to the major daily newspaper in the city.
The most polluting vehicles have (30) __________ driving through the city center since Thursday. But on Sunday, there was supposed to be no traffic between 8:00 and 18:00.
The ban is imposed when pollution (31)__________50 micrograms of particulates per cubic meter of air over 12 days. The last time the full ban was (32) __________ was in February.
The move is not popular with all environmentalists, who argue that the city's public transport system should be improved to (33)__________people from using their cars. Local Green Party councilor Enrico Fedrighini said cars with three or four people inside should be offered free parking, for example. "One or two car-free Sundays each month will not do anything to (34)__________ the smog crisis," he told the daily newspaper in the city.
Public transport was to be bolstered during the day, with an (35)__________ metro trains and buses operating.



Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on thefollowing question.You should  write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.
Suppose a foreign friend of yours is coming to visit your hometown,what is the most interesting place you would like to take him/her to see and why?
Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on thefollowing question.You should write at least.120.words but no more than.180.words.Suppose a foreign friend of yours is coming to visit China,what is the most interesting place you would like to take him/her to see and why?
Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on thefollowing question.You should write at least.120.words but no more than.180.words.Suppose a foreign friend of yours is coming to visit your campus,what is the most interesting place you would like to take him/her to see and why?

9、You shouM write a short essay entitled Limiting the Use ofDisposable Plastic Bags.

10、 You should write a short essay on the topic on a Harmonious Dormitory Life.

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