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A.Go to a place he has visited.
B.Make her own arrangements.
C.Consult a travel agent.
D.Join in a package tour.

2、 QuesUonsare based on the following paassage
When we talk about Americans barely into adulthood who are saddled with uttbearable levels of debt, the conversation is almost always about student loan debt. But there's a growing body of evidence suggesting that today's young adults are also drowning in credit-card debt-and that many of them will take this debt to their graves.
More than 20% overspent their income by more than $100 every single month. Since they haven't built up their credit histories yet, it's a safe bet that theae young adults are paying relatively high interest rates on the resulting credit card debt.
Although many young people blame "Socializing" a~ a barrier to saving money, most of them aren't knocking back $ 20 drinks in trendy ( 时尚的) lounges. They're struggling with much more daily financial demands.
To a disturbingly large extent, the young and the broke are relying on credit cards to make it until their next payday. This obviously isn't sustainable in the long run, and it's going -to put a huge drag on, their spending power even after they reach their peak earning years, becattse they'll sttll be paying interest
on that bottle Of orange juice or box of spaghetti (意式面条) they bOUght a decade earlier.
A new study out of Ohio State University found that young adults are accumulating credit card debt at a more rapid rate than other age groups, and that they're slower at paying it off, "If what we found continues to hold true, we may have more elderly people with substantial financial problems in the future," warns Lucia Duma, professor of economics at Ohio State, "If our   persist, we may be
faced with a financial crisis among elderly ,people who can't pay off their credit cards, "
Dunn says a lot of these young people are never going to get out from under their credit card debt."Many people are borrowing on credit cards so heavily that payoff rates at these levels are not sufficient to recover their credit card debt by the end of their life, which could have loss implications for the credit card issuing banks. "
Wilt is the main idea of the first paragraph?
A.Many young Americans will never be able to pay off their debts.
B.Credit cards play an increasingly important role in college life.
C.Credit cards are doing more harm than student loans.
D.The American credit card system is under criticism.

3、 Questionsare based on the following passage.
A recent global survey of 2,000 high-net-worth individUalS found that 60% were not planning on a traditional retirement. Among US participants, 75% expected to continue working in some capacity even after stepping away from full-time jobs. "Manyof these people made their wealth by doing sometting they're passionate (有激情的) about,”.says Daniel Egan, head of behavioral finance for Barclays Wealth Americas.  " Given the.. choice,  they prefer to continue workirtg, "  Barclays calls these people"nevertirees."
Unlike many Americans compelled into early retirement by company restrictiolls, the average nevertiree often has no one forcing his hand. tf 106-year-old investor Irving Kahn, head of his own family firm, wants to keep coming to work every day, who's going to stop him? Seventy-eight-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's job security is guaranteed in the Constitution.
It may seem that these elderly people are trying to cheat death. In fact, they are. And it's working. Howard Friedman, a professor at UC Riverside, found in his research that those who work hardest and are successful in their careers often live the longest lives. "People are generally being given bad advice to slow down, take it easy, stop worrying, and retire to Florida,, he says. He described one study participant, still working at the age of 100, who was. recently disappointed to see his son retire.
"We're beginning to see a change in how people view retirement," says George LeeSon, codirector of the Institute of Population Ageing at Oxford. Where once ret~rement was seen as a brief reward after a long struggle through some miserable job, it is now akin (近似) to being cast aside, What Leeson terms "the Warren Buffett effect" is becoming more broadly appealing as individuals come to "view retirement as not simply being linked to economic productivity but also about contribution, "
Observers are split on whether this is a wholly good thing, On the one hand, companies and financial
firms can benefit from the wisdom of a resilient ( 坚韧的 ) chief, On the other, the new generation can find it more difficult to advance--an argument that typically holds little sway to a nevertiree.

What do we learn about the so-called "nevertiree$" ?
A.They are passionate about making a fortune.
B.They have no choice but to continue working.
C.They love what they do and choose not to retire.
D.They will not retire unless they are compelled to.

Questions 12 to 15 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

A.Whether or not snowflakes can be analyzed.
B.How snowflakes are formed.
C.What causes a snowstorm.
D.Where the largest snowflakes can be found.



A.It is a place where is full ofpeople.
B.It is the name of the travel agency.
C.It is an interesting place that people cail visit.
D.It is a place where people can discover interesting things.

6、The northern Italian city of Milan banned all traffic from its streets for 10 hours on Sunday (26)reduce smog.
The measure which was first imposed on a trial basis in the'year 2007 is (27)__________whenever pollution exceeds the statutory limit for 12 (28)__________ days.
Satellite imagery shows Milan to be one of the most polluted cities in Europe. An estimated 120,000 (29) will be affected by the move, according to the major daily newspaper in the city.
The most polluting vehicles have (30) __________ driving through the city center since Thursday. But on Sunday, there was supposed to be no traffic between 8:00 and 18:00.
The ban is imposed when pollution (31)__________50 micrograms of particulates per cubic meter of air over 12 days. The last time the full ban was (32) __________ was in February.
The move is not popular with all environmentalists, who argue that the city's public transport system should be improved to (33)__________people from using their cars. Local Green Party councilor Enrico Fedrighini said cars with three or four people inside should be offered free parking, for example. "One or two car-free Sundays each month will not do anything to (34)__________ the smog crisis," he told the daily newspaper in the city.
Public transport was to be bolstered during the day, with an (35)__________ metro trains and buses operating.


I’ve won two dollars in this lottery! Who says we don’t live in an opportunity society?

8、当今世界,信息技术革命日新月异(advance Wjth every passingday),对国际政治、经济、文化、社会、军事等领域发展产生了深刻影响。信息化和经济全球化相互促进。互联网已经融入社会生活方方面面,深刻改变了人们的生产和生活方式。我国正处在这个大潮之中,受到的影响越来越深。因此,网络安全和信息化也成为事关国家安全和国家发展、事关广大人民群众工作生活的重大战略问题。


10、You should write a composition on the topic Digital Age.

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